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My first house: a low of 45 m²

When assembling a floor, and even more so when it comes to brand new, it is essential to adjust the budget well and implement solutions that combine functionality and decoration. This low, of only 45 m², can serve as inspiration.
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A 90m² apartment full of light

If the starting point is an old house If the starting point is an old house in the Barcelona Eixample, gaining clarity and rationalizing the distribution are usually the problems to be solved. Interior designers Dunia Garriga and Mario Calavera successfully cleared this equation by subtracting passageways and adding smart furniture.
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This bedroom has a magical reading corner

This enchanted tree hides a reading corner for the owner of this magical bedroom. The project conceived and carried out by the father was born when he heard his daughter say that she wanted to have the fairy tree in her bedroom. This is how he did it.
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