These are the most popular office lunches in 10 countries of the world

These are the most popular office lunches in 10 countries of the world

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Are you interested in knowing what you eat in the office on the other side of the world? A British office supply company called Viking He conducted surveys, statistics and reports, as well as interviews with his international team, to determine what is the most common meal at lunchtime in 10 countries around the world.

From India to the Netherlands, check out to see which ones are the most amazing.


Soup and sandwich is the typical office lunch in England. Leek and potato soup, and sandwiches are especially popular. The British are also fond of Maltesers and coffee breaks.


United States as healthy as ever. It turns out that pizza is the common option, and pepperoni is the topping more popular. Cola, Skittles and chocolate ice cream, the most popular companions.


The Germans are authentic fans of currywurst sausages, chips, apples, and water and coffee as drinks. They stay hydrated and caffeinated.


Austrians like to accompany their schnitzel - beef, chicken or pork - with a salad and boiled potatoes.


It would not be a proper Italian meal without much carbohydrate and some fresh ingredients. In Italy, a typical lunch is pasta with tuna, olives and tomatoes, as well as an espresso salad, bread and coffee.


In France, it is very simple: ham and butter sandwich, water and a serving of apple pie.


The Dutch are known for their simplicity, and their favorite lunch is no different. They like cheese sandwiches (gouda is preferred), apples and grapes.


This flat bread is called asks, and it's like a pizza. Spinach and feta cheese are the most popular ingredients, as are the versions with veal and lamb.


The rice and the moong dal, the peas and the potato curry, the saagwala chicken, the chapati, and chai tea are the most common dishes that Indians eat at lunchtime.


Brazilian restaurants and take-out restaurants serve this beef and pork stew, called feijoada, with rice. Brazilians usually eat it at lunch, often with coconut water as their favorite beverage.

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