La vie en rose: your princess's first bedroom

La vie en rose: your princess's first bedroom

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Face to the wall
Far from being a punishment, your children will be happy to watch the walls from his room at all hours. Paint, wallpaper or decorate one of them differently and you will get all their attention.

Encourage their creative minds by putting a board at their height so they can make their first scribbles. There are them with shapes of animals, clouds or mountains, like those of www.chispum.com

Place a garland from side to side and make your room a party every day.

Frame your drawings or fix them with washi tape and give them the position they deserve. They will feel important!

And if you want to be up to date, decorate with fierce rag trophies (elephants, lions ...) that can also be made of paper mache, like those of shop.chloefleury.com

Advertising - Keep reading under Rabbit Sticckers

It fosters love for animals since its earliest childhood. You just have to hit a family of dogs, cats or rabbits on the skirting board; like these, which seem to be going to run from one moment to another. Similar stickers, in Caselio.

Butterflies Templates

Search the web for butterfly templates and print them. Cut them out and paste them on cardboard or eva rubber. Fold them in half so that they acquire volume. Fix them to the wall with double-sided tape and create your own composition. You will have a simple and economical DIY!

Chest of drawers

Emphasize the dual color of the wall with coordinated furniture and accessories, such as these blank canvases decorated with paper flowers. Chest of drawers similar Stuva, from Ikea (€ 139).
Say goodbye to boring walls and cover them with polka dots painted, glued or stamped on paper.

These white polka dots on a pink background will help you energize your room now and forever, since its design does not go out of style. Painted paper Balls, from the collection The O, from Coordonné Kids (€ 27.4 / roll).

Wall lamps

This cheerful floral composition is much more than that; in reality they are wall sconces that, grouped at different heights, lightly illuminate the room. Give your special touch by placing large sheets of paper lined with pinocchio paper on the cable. Wall lamps Smila Blomma, from Ikea (€ 6.99 each without bulb).