Mojito with watermelon cubes The best cocktail of the summer!

Mojito with watermelon cubes The best cocktail of the summer!

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Just like the song of summer, this would be something like the "idea" of summer ... And we always wonder, how we hadn't thought of it before.

And it is to throw in your mojito some ice cubes of watermelon will be the star of your nights.

What do you need:

- 1 watermelon
- white rum
- soda water
- sugar
- mint leaves
- Lima

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The first thing you should do a few hours before is to cut all the watermelon in the form of cubes a little larger than a dice. Placed on a tray, put them in the freezer and leave them for at least two hours.

To prepare the mojito, place several mint leaves at the bottom of the glasses, pour a tablespoon of sugar and the juice of half a lemon (or lime), gently crush the mixture. Then place 6 or 7 watermelon cubes in each glass, pour a measure of rum and fill with soda water.

It only remains to decorate your mojito with a slice of lime ... And enjoy!

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