10 ways to introduce the color yellow in your kitchen

10 ways to introduce the color yellow in your kitchen

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The space where you cook should be cheerful and colorful, why? Very simple, because it's the best way to encourage creativity and conceive recipes worthy of a gastronomic contest. Something that both you and yours will thank ... And as we are one step away from the summer, can you think of a color more suitable than yellow?

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This designer kitchen has terrazzo floors and walls, golden details and yellow stools. Isn't it fabulous?

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Goes carpet

If you have decided to decorate your kitchen with a carpet, think no more and choose one with yellow prints. It will be ideal with a white background and a mosaic wall like this one!

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Painted paper

Decorate one of the walls of your kitchen with wallpaper with yellow geometric patterns, and keep the rest in white tones, you will see what impression!

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One more option soft But just as pretty is choosing a pastel yellow shade. You will have a very sweet and bright kitchen!

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Another simple and stylish way to play with the color yellow is to decorate the wall with tiles of geometric shapes.

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In block

The ideal way to give vidilla to a kitchen in white tones, it is with yellow cabinets that highlight the area.

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Matte finishes

Matte finishes are a trend, but if you bet on a color as striking as yellow, the result will be a kitchen that is modern and impressive.

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Color details

Something as subtle as a chair upholstered in yellow, may be the detail you need to give joy to the atmosphere of your kitchen.

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A coat of paint

A very easy way to add yellow color to your kitchen is by painting the walls. Also, if you add a strip of black tiles, the combination of tones will be great.

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A yellow lacquered finish cabinet will give the kitchen a modern and very fresh touch.

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