A hotel in the Pyrenees

A hotel in the Pyrenees

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The privilege

Located on a hillside overlooking the Tena Valley, in the town of Tramacastilla de Tena -in the center of the Aragonese Pyrenees-, The history of the hotel The Privilege of Tena dates back to 1470, when its hard walls housed an abbey that later became a manor house. Five centuries later, its current owners, Juan Ignacio Pérez Ferrer and Anabel Costas Cativiela, decided to transform it into a cozy hotel that combined a privileged location - with massifs at its back like the Balaitus, 3,151 m high, or the Arriel, of 2,886 m, and the most extensive set of lakes of the Aragonese Pyrenees among its tops- with a cosmopolitan decoration and high quality facilities.

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With the advice of architect Luis Serrano Castañer they planned the project in two phases. The first was to rehabilitate the abbey; For this, its original structure was respected, the stone facade was polished to recover its beauty and the interior was distributed in five rooms. Each of them received the name of some of the ancient places that, five hundred years ago, formed the Tena Valley: "Tramacastilla", "Piedrafita", "Escarrilla", "Sandiniés" and "Quiñón de la Partacua". In the second phase the hotel was expanded with an adjoining building inaugurated in December 2003 in which the architectural features of the area were respected, with stone walls, woodwork and slate roofs that integrate seamlessly into the environment. Today the visitor can choose between 28 rooms: 13 doubles, 9 attic superior doubles, 2 junior suites with lounge and fireplace and 4 suites: “Abbey”, with fireplace and Jacuzzi integrated in the living room, “Attic View”, with fireplace in the Attic lounge, "El Quiñón de la Partacua", which in addition to living room with fireplace has a bathroom on the lower level equipped with column and separate hot tub. Finally, the special suite “El Privilegio”, located in the attic, has 100 m2, independent access and integrated jacuzzi in the living room from which the Búbal reservoir is contemplated.

When decorating the hotel, the owners opted for warm materials that withstand the extreme temperatures of the area; for example, the exterior carpentry, including the large windows, were made of iroco wood, and the attic ceilings were lined with stained pine. In addition, they decided on current design furniture that, far from the typical mountain hotels, made guests feel in a cozy environment with all the comforts of urban housing. The interesting services offered by the hotel contribute to this: from a pillow menu to the possibility of babysitting and ski storage, the recently opened spa and the activities that are organized from The Privilege of Tena (Cross-country skiing on the slopes of La Partacua, alpine skiing in Panticosa and Formigal, canyoning, rafting, caving, hydrospeed, canoeing, quads, yacht club, horseback riding, megalithic route, etc.). Not forgetting their delicious menu, with dishes such as cod confit or cow cheeks "Privilege." In short, a very tempting offer that cannot be missed.

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It is located in the center of the Aragonese Pyrenees. The mountains and lakes that surround it allow you to practice nautical and sports activities, such as alpine skiing, canyoning, mountain biking, climbing ...

The hotel facade

With slate roofs, stone walls and iroco wood walls - a tropical variety that supports the humidity and snowfall of the area -, it is integrated into the local architecture.

One of the charms of the El Privilegio suite

It is its circular window, which was conceived as a viewpoint. The living area of ​​this 100 m2 suite was oriented towards it to enjoy the beauty of the valley and appreciate nature in detail with the help of a telescope.

In the suite

The Maceda armchair with footrest, designed by Jorge Varela, allows you to enjoy relaxing reading sessions in the El Privilegio suite. The selection of furniture - with elegant and modern designs - does not recall the decoration of traditional mountain hotels. The Maceda armchair is sold in Jacinto Usan.

In the Abbey suite

Strong sliding wooden doors make the bedroom living room, attic and located next to a floor-to-ceiling window. The owners opted for current line furniture that made the guest feel as if they were in their own home.


The rooms that were made in the old abbey maintain the charm of the original structure, with thick stone walls that isolate the interior from the intense winter cold. In this room, the iroco wooden window acts as a headboard.

Penthouse View Suite

The rest area of ​​the Vista Penthouse suite was located under the attic roof, which was lined with stained pine slats. The headboard of the bed is a design by the architect Luis Serrano.

The views

Stunning views are contemplated from the window of the Penthouse View suite. The crackling of the fireplace and the distribution of furniture, chosen in warm materials, recreate a cozy atmosphere, away from the impersonal rooms of other hotels. Sofa, carpet and curtains, from Maison Decor. Armchair and table, by Jacinto Usan.


The choice of quality materials is also appreciated in the bathrooms of the hotel. The sinks were embedded in marble-topped countertops whose surface was elaborated with small tiles of the same material placed in mosaic.

The restaurant

It offers a select menu with exquisite dishes made with the best products in the area, such as yogurt with mango jam, passion fruit and honey slush. The tables and chairs are from Jacinto Usan.

The bar counter

It is a design by the architect who was in charge of the renovation of the abbey and the subsequent expansion of the hotel, Luis Serrano. The bar, with interior lights nuanced by the glass structure, contributes to the lighting of the bar.

Access map

To get to the hotel from Madrid, take the A-II towards Zaragoza. At the height of this city continue towards Huesca; Once here, continue to Sabiñánigo. Take the highway to Biescas and follow the indicator to Valle de Tena. You will find a sign indicating Tramacastilla; The hotel is 1.5 km away, in the center of town.

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