Did you know that we should clean the dishwasher once a month?

Did you know that we should clean the dishwasher once a month?

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Germs, so feared and so present in every corner of our homes ... And is that andBetween the soap and the pieces of food that are strained in the filter and in the dishwasher drain, the bacteria put on their boots. How to remove them? With a thorough cleaning of the machine once a month.

First, you will have to prepare both ingredients that will save you from trouble: a cup of white vinegar, and sodium bicarbonate.

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Once ready, pour the contents of the cup into a dishwasher safe container, and place it on the top rack. Then, launch a hot water program. Thus, you will be removing both dirt and bad smells of moisture.

By last, put some baking soda in another container, and put it in the lower part of the dishwasher. Choose a hot water program, but shorter than the previous one, and that's it! Dishwasher like new.

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