A renovated apartment in Ibiza

A renovated apartment in Ibiza

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Sometimes, small changes can mean a revolution. It is what happened with this 120 square meter residence, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large terrace, located in the center of Ibiza, a short walk from the port and the old city. It had "a distribution in which there were empty spaces and little used in some corners of the house," explained from Due Architecture & Design, those responsible for its reform. "Our work has consisted of taking advantage of natural light and the optimization of each of the corners of this house, updating the rooms with simple works, which have managed to permeate the house with a more than harmonious and balanced style ".

In the reform, the kitchen was opened to the living room, getting a greater connection between these rooms and gain in light and spaciousness. "In addition, with this opening it is possible to see from the stove the port of the city of Vila", the architects point out. The living room gave some meters to the master bedroom to be able to place a built-in closet in it and, to make your bathroom more comfortable en suite, a shower tray was placed instead of the bathtub that went to the children's bathroom. The final auction was the floors that were covered with wood, getting more warm to the environment.

Taking advantage of the spaciousness, the light and the views and making the interior comfortable were also the challenges to achieve when decorating. The pieces with straight lines, in white and gray, give luminosity and open the spaces, making the gaze go outwards. With the use of wood it was possible to make the spaces more welcoming and a good selection of furniture ended up giving the functionality and comfort that the owner family was looking for.

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A reform managed to make this Ibiza home more comfortable and functional. In the image, the entrance, where the DUE studio has designed a closet and a bench to take advantage of the space.

Let the light through

In the living room, designers opted for a sofa with chaise longue to allow the views to be seen and the light to pass through.

Simple shapes

The straight lines of the furniture allow to give more space to the spaces.

Gray matter

Gray and white bring luminosity.

Light metals

Three hanging lamps with black and gold lampshade provide a touch of discreet luxury.

Give ground

Part of the space in the previous room was transferred to the master bedroom.

Open minded

The kitchen opened to the living room.

Breakfast bar

The height of the countertop was thought to be able to place two stools under it and create a breakfast bar.

Make life easier

"With a kitchen connected to the main room of the house, the daily life of its inhabitants becomes more comfortable and functional," they say from the study.

Expand horizons

With this change in the distribution it has been achieved that from the kitchen you can enjoy views of the port of Ibiza.

Light in the kitchen Main bedroom Simplicity Gain space

At the foot of the bed we can see the new built-in wardrobe.

Suite bathroom Wink to the past

This mirror was rescued and leaned on wooden shelves.

Quick shower

The bathtub was replaced by a shower tray.

Child's bedroom Second bathroom

For the guests and the children of the family.

Relaxing bath

A bathtub for children was installed.

Floor plan


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