An avant-garde attic

An avant-garde attic

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The owners commissioned the project of rehabilitation of this house to the team of architect Mar Marcos. The result is an attic where the intimate relationship of the interiors with the exterior, luminosity and comfort are imposed.

When a young couple acquired this penthouse in the neighborhood of Gracia it was a compartmentalized and outdated space, far from his longing: a warm and young house, where the design decorated spacious and open spaces, communicated visually.

The main objective of the reform was to order the chaos of corridors and corners that originally prevailed in the house. The central location of access to housing marked the distributive pattern: a hall separates the area from day to night. Living room, kitchen and dining room share a single open space, connected to the outside through a large glazed window through which you access the terrace. For this one a original planter, made in microcement, surrounding its perimeter.

The interior designer used the wood finishes and of the nuances that contribute the fabrics in all the rooms to obtain that feeling of well-being of which they show. The furniture was projected accordingly, without recharging, enameled in white and, in most cases, attached to the walls.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room, dining room and kitchen

A large space without unnecessary divisions. This is how the day zone of this floor is articulated. In her being, a corner of social gathering and the dining room are distributed linearly according to the L-shaped geometry of the plant. Poufs: large blue round, Coco-Mat, and small wool, Minim. Lu Ink heart-shaped wooden tray. Carpet, for sale in Habitat.

A being with revival air

In this corner of social gatherings, time seems to have stopped in the past because of the chosen furniture: two armchairs of family heritage and a wooden side table. All framed by a round carpet. Contrast the slight composition of wall storage: a white lacquered shelf. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. Round wooden table, from Minim.

A decoration with chic touches

The details are the hallmark of this project and personalize each of the environments with that characteristic youthful air that is breathed. Green basket, vases and flowers of wool, from Coco-Mat.

Time complicit furniture

The fusion of pieces of furniture balances the styles that each one brings. A contemporary table, a retro sideboard, a design lamp and vintage armchairs coexist in harmony. Dining table, Habitat. Vase and colored glasses, from Sia. Chairs, from KA International. Ceiling lamp, from Marset, purchased at Sideboard, Ethnicraft Furniture. Table lamp by Minim.

Spaces in line

The purity of furniture lines, projected to size, gains in presence with accessories that provide warmth in high doses. A sliding leaf separates the lounge from the rest area. Open, hidden part of the bookstore. Floor and table lamp, from India & Pacific. Wooden stool, from Minim. On the sofa, cushions: beige with letters, by Lu Ink; of color, from Minim and round, from BoConcept.

Open kitchen?

Yes, but delimited. In addition, the cooking zone and the sink are hidden from view. In this way the sense of order is accentuated. It was achieved with a double-sided piece of furniture: on the one hand it serves the kitchen and on the other, the living room with audiovisuals.

Blank kitchen

Thanks to the projection of the vertical elements, from the kitchen the entire floor is visualized, which allows to participate in the different activities that are carried out in the day area. The project is committed to visual purity, with blank blank fronts, without handles, and a parallel distribution. Kitchen furniture by Minim

Breakfast bar

The work surface also fulfills the function of breakfast bar and fast food.

The children's bedroom

The little one of the family also has his personal world: a room with small-scale furniture and many colors. De Coco-Mat: green duvet cover with moles, bed, large and floor cushions, wooden dominoes, blue game table and coffee set. Chairs, small patterned cushions and carpet, for sale in Babillage. Coat stand by Ivo & Co.

A natural bedroom with color details

A medium-height work headboard also serves as a shelf to stop reading. On a pristine white base, the colored brushes stand out in different intensities. Lamp and decorative details of colored wool on the bed, Coco-Mat. Bedding, signature Texture. Cushions, by Lu Ink. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. The painting is signed by Laura Badell.

A relaxing corner in the bedroom

The master bedroom has a pleasant corner, perfect for resting or reading in an intimate environment. Mannequin of rattan and necklaces, from India & Pacific. Square blue pouf, from Coco-Mat. Cushions, from Minim.

A bathroom without artifice

In the simplicity of this bathroom lies its charm. Original accessories customize it with moderation. Basket, for sale in Coco-Mat. Coat rack of colors, from Minim.

Plane and ideas

Sensation in & out thanks to the glass front, which projects the living room towards the terrace.

Architecture and interior design go hand in hand through noble materials, which provide warmth.