4 Simple ideas to organize the bedroom

4 Simple ideas to organize the bedroom

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According to an Ipsos study for eBay, a third of Spaniards have more clothes in their closet than they can get. What accumulate most are jeans, jackets and shoes. To avoid this, sort it by categories of garments, colors and frequency of use.

The perfect closet. In an exempt model 210 cm high, allocates the top 30 for quilts and blankets; the bar should be about 170 cm, in which hanging suits and jackets on equal hangers, which remain at the same height and save space, and allocate the lower 40 cm to shoes on removable shelves.

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Have a comfortable It is essential, since it has an extra space according to its number of drawers. Organize the interior with dividers or boxes without a lid, group by categories and subdivide: sports socks, clothing, socks ... Everything will be placed and you will see it at the first.

You can also place it in place of the table, as in this photo of Ikea, and thus take advantage of the upper shelf to put pictures or a jewelry support. Hang the necklaces and bracelets, you will avoid getting tangled up and you will always have them at hand.

2 An extra storage

One of the obstacles that prevents us from maintaining order is the lack of space. The bed with folding sofa or lower drawers, Like this one from Banak Importa, it is a very practical option to store things, but do it with discretion.

Store what you will not use on a day-to-day basis, such as another season's clothes, beach towels or comforters. Group, store in bags or boxes to protect against dust, insects and moisture, and label to find it fast.

3 Multifunctional furniture Courtesy of Portobello Street

The assistants help so that everything is collected and there is no chaos in the room. Set a bedside trunk Or any Bank with container. They are decorative, you can store the pillows and cushions of the bed and they serve as a shoe remover.

Another piece that occupies little is a stairs of wood, You will have the tissues ordered. Take advantage of the site behind the door with some hooks or a coat rack and hang up the bags you use.

4 keys to a perfect final result

Choose furniture that is practical, with capacity and takes advantage of dead spaces, such as corners and walls. Get rid of all the ornaments that are not useful, leaving the surfaces clear. Remember, less is more.

The closet is a key piece. Save only what you are going to wear. If it is modules or open, like this one from Ikea, try to hangers be the same, the same color or material and place the hooks in the same direction. boxes cheated and put labels to know their content. Keep in mind that everything will be in sight, so it is no longer just a matter of order, it is also aesthetic.