An Ibizan house with a peaceful decoration

An Ibizan house with a peaceful decoration

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The natural wealth and indescribable beauty of the environment simplified a lot The decorative approach of this Ibizan house located in the Natural Park of Las Salinas. Surrounded by an exclusive flora of the area, due in part to the climate and the constant presence of salt. the house emerges whitewashed and simple among the lush vegetation in a clear desire to blend in with the idyllic landscape that surrounds it. Conceived mainly for the summer rest of the whole family, the house, inspired by the traditional Balearic architecture, exhibits outdoor areas designed and organized as an outdoor meeting space; A success during the hot summer months.

The interior's decorative concept stands out for its marked character Functional, fresh and, above all, very cozy. Without artifice or color contrasts, a triumph wins interior design based on mud, wood, natural fibers and white fabrics of cotton in the constant search for rest. The distribution of the house is, likewise, simple and practical, with the absence of recesses and a short corridor, in the intention of achieving comfortable spaces that did not give work, easy to keep in order. In this sense, a wide environment was created that encompasses all common areas with a natural simplicity very well thought out.

The privileged location of the house and the wonderful sea views They boosted an unpretentious decoration also in the bedrooms. They highlight noble materials, white cotton fabrics and simple objects as a means to maintain the connection with the outside without distractions. The use of whitewashed work furniture, so typical of the Pitiusas, guaranteed the visual breadth in the bedrooms - where work cabinets were made with curtains as a door - and in the only bathroom of the house, with a piece of furniture of work under the basin absolutely integrated.

- The use of the same materials and identical finishes it was vital to integrate in the same space the living area, the dining room and the kitchen. In addition, the choice of white as the protagonist in walls, ceilings and fronts of appliances allowed to refresh the environment and unify the different pieces and accessories.
- The open kitchen It was a success that visually expands the space. Its decoration, based on household accessories and handicrafts, such as baskets, becomes a complement to general furniture. Its location connects the house with its surroundings and guarantees the presence of nature.

Advertising - Keep reading below Outdoor meeting

Although the original structure of the house already had a porch next to the entrance, the shadow area was extended thanks to a wooden and hurdle structure and the extension of the polished cement floor. The mild climate of the area allows you to enjoy long periods of this outdoor lounge.

Cushions by Lapety. The chairs and the forge table are antique.

Outside doors

The organization of the house and the garden bet at all times for the full connection with nature, hence the conservation of native vegetation. In tune with this idea, the fence that defines the house, as well as the entrance door, blend in completely with the surroundings, integrating the beautiful landscape into the plot.

Outdoor spaces

To transform a garden environment into a true living room, it must be decorated and organized as if it were the interior itself: comfortable angled sofas, a large coffee table, coordinated cushions and plaids and decorative details.

Natural ornaments

The proximity of the sea and of nature itself makes inevitable the use of some of its resources as decorative details; shells, logs or
The sand on the beach enriches the space.

Calm Interiors

The living area stands out for its successful simplicity thanks to a decoration based on white and wood. The vintage touch is put by the aged metal chairs.

In constant equilibrium

Furniture and details as disparate as decorative complement each other perfectly while wearing different finishes. Nothing is going to match or coordinate, but everything fits in wonderfully in the same space. The continuity of the mud floor towards the porch promotes communication with the outside.

Coffee table, stool and stool in the form of stairs, by Carina Casanovas. Carpet and, on the table, handmade bricks; Everything from Lapety.

What a harmony!

As complements, in this simple interior design, the vegetable fibers, so typical of the island, and the presence of a large red-striped carpet as the only color detail triumph.

Carpet and lebrillos, by Lapety. Coffee table, candlestick with hats and bench, by Carina Casanovas

Details with personal stamp

Necklaces, hats, scarves ... your most precious accessories or garments can bring that peculiar and necessary air to complete your home. Bet on them! In this shot you can see the important presence of natural materials, a characteristic that blurs the borders with the outside.

Functional furniture

They are perfect for a second home and, better yet, if they fulfill a double function. It is very successful, for example, the idea of ​​this wooden stair stool as a small bookcase.


Simplicity is a plus in this project. Comfort is not at odds.
Sideboard acquired in an antique shop on the island. About him, the work of Tàpies. Lapety fiber basket. Coffee table, by Carina Casanovas.

Everything in sight

The complements and accessories of both the kitchen and the dining room or the living area were kept in sight making them decorative and functional elements at the same time.


With natural light, exterior views and with all the time ahead to enjoy. Just watching this shot of being relaxed.

Integrated kitchen

The simplicity of summer recipes inspired this cuisine as flirtatious as reduced, more than enough for refreshing meals and dinners with friends. Natural wooden shelves get more storage space for utensils and accessories.
The table is old and the chairs were purchased at an antiques fair. The dining room delimits and favors the transition between the environments. On the shelves, baskets and pieces of clay, from Lapety.

Metal reflections

The warmth of natural solid wood furniture is complemented beautifully with aged-finished metal parts; In this case, antique chairs are the ideal resource to refresh the environment at its right point.

Personal and quiet bedroom

Small timeless details give character to the master bedroom; a pendant lamp of wrought iron and glass, vaporous linen curtains or an exotic air plaid are some of the pieces that define the space.

Ancient curtains from a family heritage. Wooden bench, by Carina Casanovas.

Nights in white

The decorative simplicity is the constant in the master bedroom, where white was chosen absolutely for everything. Not even the closet breaks with this trend, since it is a whitewashed work model. It is a resource that enhances natural light and the feeling of spaciousness.

Lapety flower lamp. The table comes from Carina Casanovas.

Always soft colors

The choice of a certain color range in the decoration equally affects the paintings that adorn the house, hence in this case we chose oils in earthy, decorative and calm tones.

Well used

Due to the small size of the only bathroom in the house, the presence of whitewashed work furniture was chosen which, being painted the same as the wall, is better integrated than the exempt models.

Bench, by Carina Casanovas. Lapety yarn towels.

Distribution plan

Of elongated floor, this house when with a common space -with living room, dining room and kitchen-, two independent bedrooms and a bathroom.