10 winter cabins to get lost in the mountains

10 winter cabins to get lost in the mountains

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Now that we are in winter, there is no better plan for the weekend than shelter in a cabin in the middle of the forest! And we know that you are going to love them ...

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A story cabin has to be red and be in the snow yes or yes!

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Black is back

With windows king size, perfect to watch the rain and enjoy the natural light to the fullest.

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That it is for winter does not mean that you cannot have colors as sweet as pastel blue!

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With terrace

Even if it is cold you can continue enjoying the terrace ... but warm up!

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Mimetized with the forest

If you see it in the distance you will think that it is part of the landscape, but no, it is a cabin!

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Sheltered by trees we mean. And the green awning is adorable!

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If you are looking for a modern and modern cabin, this one with glass doors and windows is for you.

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That is what you will feel from this design cabin only suitable for lovers of heights.

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Didn't you suddenly feel like packing?

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With office

A cabin with outside office! If you are lucky to be freelance, you know what your next investment will be ...

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