This Hot Dogs toaster will be the star in your next barbecue

This Hot Dogs toaster will be the star in your next barbecue

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If you are an absolute fan of hot dogs or hot dogs, We have found the appliance of your dreams: A hot dog toaster. Yes, this means that instead of messing with the grill, you can do it in the kitchen ... and in pajamas, if you want.

The Hot dog toaster You can heat 2 or 4 sausages of normal or large size while roasting the breads. On the front there is an adjustable cooking timer and a "Stop" button so you can adjust to your liking. It incorporates mini tweezers and an anti-drip tray for easy cleaning.


Nostalgia Toaster Hot Dog, € 42.99

It also has a very sexy design, and will be beautiful on any countertop. As for the opinions, some people complain that it does not get too hot, but that is why it is a toaster, not a 400 degree grill.

Other opinions are more enthusiastic: "It is my husband's new favorite kitchen gadget. Now I can rest easy knowing that I have dinner when I work at night." "A success from the beginning!" "This was my favorite Christmas present. Thank you Mrs. Clause," wrote another reviewer.

Some had problems with burnt breads. But, we say that whenever the fire alarm is not activated, the hot dogs Easy to prepare in minutes are very good, and in our opinion well worth it.

Via: Delish US