A table in purple and pure copper trend!

A table in purple and pure copper trend!

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If you want to recreate a cozy atmosphere, bet on elements in copper or bronze, they never fail. They will be updated if you add fun ornaments, bright colors, such as purple, and flower-shaped chalkboards and butterflies to the table to personalize the stalls. They will give a touch naif!

Advertising - Keep reading below How this table was decorated: Decoration Course

Its finishes are carried. Lamp, by Leroy Merlin.

Do you want more ideas in copper? Look at these Complements in copper to decorate the latest, conquer with its orange reflections. And if you want some lamps in this finish to illuminate your table, this is your link: Copper lamps

Glasses and glasses in purple glass

Glasses and glasses of the same family, in mauve wrought glass, from A Loja Do Gato Preto (€ 3.95 and € 2.95 respectively).

Blank modern tableware

In the White! You will be right with this wavy porcelain tableware. Dishes: deep (€ 7.95), dessert (€ 6.95) and plain (€ 7.95). For sale in A Loja Do Gato Preto.

Cutlery and cutlery

An animal has a hollow, if it is this hedgehog, of Los Peñotes (€ 4.10). On it, the cutlery: this game for six people with purple handle is of
To Loja Do Gato Preto (€ 19.96).

Plants that look like cabbages

Put the flowers in a pot of rattan, Los Peñotes (€ 5.25).

In the # CourseDecoration video we tell you more about the care of ornamental cabbage or garden cabbage.

Copper lantern

Back to copper ... The warmest table thanks to this candle. The lantern is from Los Peñotes (€ 20.70).

Table fabrics

Matching! And also striped ... the tablecloth on the table and the cushion covers. Fabric
It is from Gancedo (€ 51 / meter).

Copper napkin and napkin ring

The bronze, protagonist. Each stone napkin (€ 1.99) on these napkin rings (€ 11.94 / 4). Everything from A Loja Do Gato Preto.

Salt and pepper in copper

To enrich the table: salt and pepper shaker with style. From A Loja Do Gato Preto (€ 7.95 the game).

Funny bookmarks

The funny touch… An artificial rosemary plant wrapped in paper (€ 4.20) and slate butterflies (€ 1.10). Of Los Peñotes.


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