This floor has gained breadth and meters thanks to the removal of partitions

This floor has gained breadth and meters thanks to the removal of partitions

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D. Ballester

Making it attractive at first sight was the challenge posed by interior designer Paula Balboa when the Housers real estate investment platform commissioned her to decorate this house, since the intention was to sell or rent it as soon as possible. The decorator found a newly renovated floor. Its just over 40 m2 they had been distributed in a social area, with integrated lounge, dining room and kitchen; Two bedrooms and a bathroom. In addition, to gain visual continuity and a sense of spaciousness, the walls were painted white and the same flooring was chosen for the entire house.

It was also proposed to enhance these qualities and create neutral environments.
and balanced, that any type of person likes. "To achieve this, I usually resort to a harmonious mixture of different colors, materials and textures," says Paula, who also usually plays soft and slightly invasive tones. "I don't like to abuse strong shades, neither on walls, nor on furniture." In this case, it was based on a neutral base, to which color strokes were later added through textile accessories, ornaments and framed sheets that enliven the walls of the dining room and rooms.

The sofa is from Tapidiseny; the tables, from Kave Home; the mirrors, by Thai Natura; the lamp, by El Corte Inglés, and the carpet, by Atanara. D. Ballester

With the idea of ​​gaining visual breadth, a social area with an integrated living room, dining room and kitchen was designed, although a half-height wall separates the living space from where the other two rooms were located.

The sofa wall was decorated with a composition of round mirrors with golden frame.


D. Ballester kitchen

Thanks to the uniformity of colors and finishes, as well as the location of the appliances, which go unnoticed from the living area, it was possible that the kitchen and living room formed a balanced set.

Its just over 40 m2 They had been distributed in a social area, with an integrated lounge, dining room and kitchen.
D. Ballester kitchen

In the kitchen, white furniture, a laminated wood effect countertop and a mirror coating, give depth to the space.


dining room D. Ballester

The table, of El Corte Inglés, was placed attached to the wall so as not to obstruct the passage. It was accompanied by Nordic-style chairs, by Maisons du Monde, in gray. The paintings that decorate the wall are from Ixia.

D. Ballester

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Scandinavian anthracite gray polypropylene chair with oak wood legs, Ice model, 69,99 €, from Maisons du Monde.


Light and natural colors create a serene atmosphere in this bedroom.

and the cushions are from Atanara; the bedside tables, by Kenay Home, and the wall lamps, by Kave Home. D. Ballester

The textile accessories provide a dose of freshness.

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Capitone padded headboard with floor support, model Capri Premium, from Maxcolchon.

Headboard and cushions, from Atanara; bedside tables, by Borgia Conti, and lamps, by SuperStudio. D. Ballester

In this second bedroom, the final touch is put by the green and mustard cushions, which combine with the bedding.


In the bathroom, floor and walls were coated with large-format ceramic pieces.

Towels and baskets, from Zara Home. D. Ballester

The washbasin area, framed by a frameless moon, was solved with a blown countertop, on which two sinks were installed.

House plan

D. Ballester plane

When decorating the floor, it was important to get a current space, in a sober environment to fit with the largest number of potential buyers. The interior design studio opted for a neutral color range, with a predominance of gray and natural tones; simple furniture, wooden details that put the warm touch, and custom made pieces to fit the available space, such as the headboards of the bedrooms. Actually, it is the same design, a piece of straight and current lines, but with different upholsteries to provide uniqueness to the decoration
of these two rooms. The result is a balanced and very interesting set.


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