Living room-kitchen: The before and after

Living room-kitchen: The before and after

Although not more than 56 m2, the house, located in the city of Burgos, had many hidden possibilities behind its original labyrinthine distribution. A long corridor and numerous small rooms prevented the light of this 10th floor from reaching every corner of the house.

Before the reform.

The apartment was small and very old, with a corridor that served as a distributor for the different rooms, small and with their backs to natural light. Two of them joined to install in them living room and kitchen.

The team of the real estate and renovation company Tetra 5 Construcciones was in charge of “turning it over” completely and converting it into a bright, comfortable and very cozy home. A magnificent comprehensive reform, of which the triple space that forms the living-dining room-kitchen is its best business card. We tell you the main steps of the transformation.

New layout All facilities were renovated, in addition to changing floors, partitions, ceilings and carpentry. Two old rooms joined to install public spaces on that common surface.

Different coatings We opted for white colors on walls and a tiled front in the kitchen to enhance the light. The subway tile model with a black joint, hyper modern finish was chosen.

A piece of furniture joins and separates. The kitchen and living room are connected by the dining area. The table is attached to a piece of furniture as it has two heights. This "border element" is a container for living room area and a closed vajillero in the kitchen part. It acts as a wall, lets in the light, but differentiates and delimits each of the areas and their functions.

Hall after the reform.

The living area was equipped with furniture and accessories by Ikea, with the exception of the floor lamp, Casa Shops, and the mirror-flower, by Mebel. In front of her, a wooden sideboard makes the kitchen independent, in the background, and serves as a support to the dining room table, with chairs also from Casa Shops.

After the reform the kitchen was open and integrated into the dining room.


Custom furniture. The central sideboard of the living room, the dining room table and the kitchen cabinets are made to measure, to take advantage of every available millimeter.

A very warm Nordic. We opted for white colors on walls and cozy wood floors. The furniture also presents the same finishes, reminiscent of the Scandinavian style.

Natural fabrics. The wicker pieces, the table of natural fibers, the carpet ... give a fresh and light air.

Fun pieces The casual decoration occasionally breaks this simplicity with more "baroque" elements such as the lamp Versailles roof Sara, from the firm Mebel.