A flat with practicality

A flat with practicality

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Leonor Fernández Campos and Pilar Rivera Rodríguez, architects of Estudio A 11 Arquitectura, were responsible for the transformation of a Old Madrid apartment in this family home.

The original distribution, compartmentalized and with a service area that was not used, was replaced by a more modern one, which responded to the needs of a young couple with two daughters. The goal, moreover, was dispense with useless passageways, so that each centimeter had a decorative or practical function. Now, the floor is articulated in two areas: one day and one at night. The first, diaphanous, is oriented to the west and is formed by a succession of volumes and styles that range from the minimalist designs of the kitchen and dining room furniture to the softer profile pieces of the living room.

In the night area, oriented to the southeast and formed by the bedrooms and bathrooms, the architects opted for a distribution based on individual, smaller spaces, which enhanced the feeling of intimacy.

The ground, one maple wood floating platform of the firm Kärhs, unifies and serves as a conductive link for the whole house.

The same goes for carpentry: doors and closet fronts are made in DM lacquered in broken white and they are completed with simple handles that are better integrated into a modern and functional home.

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The L-shaped sofa was oriented towards the wall, which allowed visually separate the living room from the dining room, located below. The bookcase attached to one of its sides provides valuable storage space and produces a curious optical game, as it seems to be the side armrest of the seat. The coffee table was chosen with shelves and boxes where CDs, movies and games are kept in order and out of sight. De Nuar Interiorismo: sofa and low bookcase, by Flexform.


In each area a different color range predominates that helps to better delimit the environments. The neutral ranges of the lounge invite you to relax, the dark materials add decorative importance to the dining room furniture, and the light wood absorbs and nuances the sun's reflections on the work table. Porro bookshop, acquired at Studiostaff.


The pure lines of the furniture contributed to lighten the effect of materials with great visual weight: smoked oak for the table and black leather on the chairs. In the background a reading corner was created that enjoys a certain degree of intimacy thanks to the presence of a wall. Mesa by Studiostaff. Chairs, from Bontempi. Chaise-longue, by Nuar Interiorismo. Vases, from LaDecó. Centers with flowers, Arteflor.


It was decided that it should be a shocking space. The wall, painted in an intense red tone, and the large-format painting make the cabinets on the right go unnoticed: a floor-to-ceiling front that hides the presence of a beam.


Studio A 11 Architecture designed a sliding leaf system with double glazing and interior blinds. Thanks to them it is possible to graduate the level of independence that one wants to give to the kitchen: when they are open, the cooking front is integrated into the living room as one more area.


The presence of beams that could not be suppressed for structural reasons was saved with false ceilings of different height. This apparent irregularity gives rise to an attractive game of levels that translates into a sense of initimity in the lower areas, such as the reading corner or the hall. The kitchen furniture, discreet and without handles, facilitates its integration with the neighboring living area. The appliances were paneled to hide them in sight. The plate was installed on a black granite island with breakfast bar that serves as a transition element to the living room.


The lighting was resolved with recessed sconces. The radiator is a flat model, which does not hinder the passage, and can be lacquered in tune with the wall, so that it does not clash with the decoration. Openside bed, Matteograssi, for sale in Nuar Interiorismo. Duvet cover, Habitat. Manta, from KA International. Appliques, of Ideas Luz. Radiator Arteplano, Runtal.


Designed as a link between the master bedroom and its bathroom, it was planned to provide a practical function to what would have been an unused area. By also installing the sink, the dressing also serves as a dressing table. Basin and module with drawer, Bronze Art.


It was distributed in a U-shape, with the bathtub on the left, a shower at the bottom and the other toilets aligned on the wall on the right. The choice of coatings meets a double criterion. On the one hand, these are large format pieces that, when installed without hardly any joints, enhance the feeling of spaciousness. On the other hand, the gray color transmits an intimate atmosphere very appropriate for the bathroom. To prevent the set from becoming too sober, red touches were introduced into the paint and accessories.


Shower tray with wooden floor, toilet and bidet, from Galassia. Starck bathtub, from Duravit. All toilets were purchased in Bronze Art. Porcelain coating in Fumo di Londra finish, by Gunni & Trentino. Flowers by Arteflor.


Study A 11 Architecture planned each sister's bedroom in a different color so that the girls felt the space as their own. In this case, a combination of blue and pistachio green was chosen. The work area was placed under the window to study with natural light. On the right you can see the access door to the bathroom and the bed: a tall model that includes drawers and cupboards under the bed base. For sale at Nuar Interiorismo: chair; table and chest of drawers, both from BM.


The children's bathroom was located between the two rooms of the girls. Thus each one has access to it from their bedroom through a sliding door, which allows it to be used independently. However, when the sisters want to communicate with each other, it is enough to leave both sheets open. In the second bedroom the color orange predominates, although with light touches in green and blue that harmonize with both the colors of the bathroom and the decoration of the adjoining children's room. The bed is a nest model that includes a module with drawers. Bookcase, table, chest of drawers and bed, BM signature. All furniture, including the chair, was purchased at Nuar Interiorismo.


Family life takes place in an open space shared by the living room, dining room and kitchen.


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