A lounge in strawberry and sand

A lounge in strawberry and sand

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In this room, the decoration stands out for the chromatic intensity. The strawberry color of the upholstery captures all the attention and gives a feminine and flirtatious air, although it is softened combined with a sand tone. Both the tables and the lamps chosen stand out for their rectilinear shapes.

This room belongs to a rental apartment of the Residential Campus El Encinar de Santo Domingo, designed for the elderly. Algete, Madrid. Tel .: 916 220 300.

Advertising - Keep reading below A salon in roses and raw tones

Strawberry upholstery was nuanced with raw and natural tones to avoid chromatic saturation. Guadalquivir sofa (€ 816) upholstered with Compostela striped fabric, in strawberry and sand (€ 33 / m), Cuba coffee table (€ 770), curtains (€ 210) and carpet, from KP (€ 397.80); Everything, in Lienzo de los Gazules. Pictures, by Brocar.

Wenge furniture

The color of the furniture in wenge revives pink. The color contrast has a great visual impact and the environment gains visual interest. Armchair, lamp, side table and coffee table have the same wenge finish. Roten armchair (€ 185) and side table (€ 205), from Lienzo de los Gazules. Lamp (€ 198.36 in Light Ideas). Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela, in velvet and linen. Domus Center.

A cozy and light dining room

The dining table is a current design with steel legs and translucent glass top. Due to its design and materials it is very light visually. Spirit table; measures 0.80 x 0.80 x 0.75 m (€ 300) and tableware, Domus. Armchair Rome, of Canvas of the Gazules (€ 427). Solid Lamp (€ 388.60 in Ideas Luz).