Cristina's letter: This month ...

Cristina's letter: This month ...

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Patricia Gallego

... that the houses do not speak ... but they ask! That doorknob that has been lifted because you usually leave the bag there when you return from work, the wall that your son decorated with the drawings of the Paw Patrol, the roof that was chipped that New Year's Eve when uncorking a bottle of cava, the platform that was He raised because, rapt with Instagram, you forgot to turn off the bathtub faucet!

The scars of a house are part of a story, yours, that of your family ... and she also suffers ailments that need relief. You can do it little by little or launch the total reform.

We, who are fans of the works, have searched this month for spaces with very intelligent solutions that will surely inspire you.

The most important thing: put yourself in good hands and arm yourself with patience. As for the result ... well, that will be another story.


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