This renovated apartment opens a new, more functional and open floor plan

This renovated apartment opens a new, more functional and open floor plan

With a floor great, located in one of the historic neighborhoods of Madrid, and without knowing where to start. This is how the owner of this house was: he had discovered the perfect place to start a new life, but he needed to put it in the hands of an expert who, not only rehabilitated him and took all the possible advantage, but also took care of the interior design He had nothing clear: neither how he wanted to organize the available meters nor with what decorative style he felt identified.

Luckily, he did have friends who told him about the work of Juan Arcos, a professional who has his own studio of reforms and interior design; He would take care of everything. Juan devised a total reform, with two main lines of action: design a functional distribution and relief and renew all coatings.

After analyzing the home and the needs of the owner -a young single-, Juan Arcos proposed a plan that was accepted at first. Four months later, the time the works lasted, the house was another. With six rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a small living room, it passed a distribution of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large common area with living room and kitchen. During the reform, they were discovered original iron columns and wooden beams that were left in sight for its great aesthetic value, and because they bring a special charm to the house, in addition to uniqueness and warmth.

Another of the original elements is the fireplace, which in the same space was redesigned a new mouth of straight lines. Defined the continent, we had to go to the content. Having no guidelines set by the owner, interior designer Juan Arcos unleashed his creativity and opted for the eclecticism. He also advised him on the purchase of works of art from emerging and contemporary creators, with whom he would put that personal touch in the new house.

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The living room is an example of the eclectic taste that is felt in the decoration of the whole house. Pieces of different times and trends were combined to achieve environments of great personality.

Fabrics, upholstery and cushions, by Gancedo. Lamps: standing, model Ptolemy Mega of Artemide, in Light Years, and of table, of La Distribuidora. Behind the sofa, engraved Ojalá, by Marina Anaya.

Pink is trend

The pink color is pure trend. Get details in different shades and do not be afraid to combine it with other fabrics in the room. It goes well with almost all colors! From white and gray to green, blue or brown, with which it creates sophisticated and warm environments.

Comfortable and cozy

The living area was resolved with light auxiliary furniture, which allows you to comfortably modify the distribution of the living room according to the needs: from a nest tables to a pouf or several armchairs, instead of a second sofa.

Nest table game, from Zara Home. Side table and pouf, Decolab. Gancedo carpet. Blue upholstery, by HappyTex by Gancedo.

With a lot of art

Pictures and photos enliven the walls of the room. It is the case of the front that we see on these lines, in which a creative and personal corner was created with a composition of frames of different sizes and finishes.

Floor lamp

Among the armchairs upholstered in raw, by El Globo Muebles, painting The Denial of the Self, by Salvador Calvo, in DelGallo Gallery. Tripod floor lamp, by Santa & Cole. On these lines, wooden sideboard, from Batavia.

Series of works

Place several works in series or a large canvas centered on the table. In any case,
the ideal is to hang them at an approximate distance
1.50 meters from the ground, so that they are
The height of our eyes.

If you decide to place a picture composition,
it may exceed the length of the table. In that case, ensure that the same centimeters protrude on both sides, so that the whole is well centered.

Symmetric or irregular? Choose all the pictures of the same format, frame and paspartú and hang them at the same distance from each other or combine shapes. If you opt for the mixture, try to make the whole form a square or a rectangle.

Original elements

During the reform, wooden beams and an iron column were discovered, which were exposed for their great aesthetic value; these, in addition to warmth, bring uniqueness to the new room. Now it is a large space, which gains depth by integrating dining room and kitchen.

Colored vases

Grouping the vases by colors is a trick that does not fail. Play with containers of different shapes and heights in the same tone, and add a piece that provides a dynamic breaking point.

Functional charm

For the kitchen we opted for a very functional aesthetic: furniture with straight and pure lines, lacquered in white and with embedded handles, combined with a countertop of the same color. The pavement, a gray porcelain, marks the passage to the rest of the house, with wooden floor.

Crockery and utensils, Zara Home.

Practical and bright

Light flows unobstructed in the kitchen thanks to the new distribution, which revolves around a central island. This, chaired by a large steel bell, houses the hob and extends on a hob flown as a breakfast bar.

Kitchen furniture, by Boffi. White stools, from Ikea.

Wooden beams

Wooden beams do not have to be reserved for country houses or rustic decorations. Whether recovered or polyurethane, they are ideal for creating an eclectic, current and welcoming atmosphere.

Harmony and balance

In a predominantly white environment, dark furniture stands out - in wenge wood and lacquered in black - that bring personality to the space. With details in velvet and sumptuous fabrics, a feeling of warmth and elegance was achieved.

Habitat bed. Tables, from Armani Home. Bedding, from Zara Home. Plaid and cushions, by Gancedo. Flores, from Jacaranda.

Very well coordinated

The different environments of the bedroom were delimited with carpets: for the dressing area a design with geometric print was chosen
and in the rest, a smooth model in raw color was placed.

Gray and plaid braid rug, by Gancedo. Cushion, from Zara Home. Chest of drawers, from Ikea, with accessories, from Zara Home. On the wall, silicone pictures in methacrylate from the series The Kempel Paradox,
by Javier Ayuso.

Crystal objects

Crystal objects will help you create delicate and elegant compositions. If you choose pieces with colorful ornaments, such as these paperweight with jellyfish, from Zara Home, they will become a focus of attention.

Style and design

The main bathroom was covered with a porcelain tile that imitates polished cement. This material was also used to make the washbasin cabinet and the half body partition that divides the space into two zones. Its sober and rough appearance gives the room an attractive current touch.

Sanitary ware and coatings, from Azulejos Peña. Bench, by Clemente Arcos. Flores, from Jacaranda. Towels, from Zara Home.

Housing distribution

Housing distribution