Lemons, strawberries or watermelons that will fill any room with color and freshness

Lemons, strawberries or watermelons that will fill any room with color and freshness

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Dare with lemons, pineapples or watermelons, to turn any room into a fresh and inviting space. You will like the deco multifrutas so much ... you'll want to eat it!

Advertising - Read on below Dress the bathroom walls

Use wallpaper or vinyl to fill them with personality and originality. If you choose a very ornate model, limit yourself to a wall. But if you opt for a model with a smooth and clear base with small fruits, like this one from Zara Home, paper the entire room.

In the kitchen

It is the star room where to wear this type of print for the thematic relationship. Napkins, tablecloths, curtains or tables with lemons, apples, oranges ... It will be better if the kitchen has monochrome walls and a boho or rustic style. Laura Ashley.

Trip to the tropics

Pineapple is perfect to give an exotic air to your home. Fun and summery, you can find it in vases, garlands or foils. It can also be elegant if you choose decorative wall elements with golden details like these from Maisons du Monde.

Outside life

If you want to renew the look from your terrace, you just have to change the textiles. Choose a motif and repeat it on cushions, tablecloths or utensils. The fruit print is perfect for this room because it helps create a feeling of freshness and joy. Greengate environment.

Sweet dreams!

The hot days invite you to choose cushions, sheets and bedspreads that encourage a relaxing summer break. White is usually the chosen color, but if you want to convey greater positivism, opt for prints with watermelons, lemons or cherries. From Zara Home.

Child's play

This type of print brings freshness and sweetness, which is perfect in a children's room. Choose watermelon or strawberry in the girls room. Carpets, cushions or lamps to recharge vitamins and enjoy playing! Bedroom, by Maisons du Monde.

Natural and organic

Fruit is a very original resource that brings color, sophistication and even aroma to your home. Fill fountains and vases with natural fruit and you will have the perfect centerpiece or you will bring that forgotten corner to life. Boles y jarra, from Parlane.

Everyone at the table

Celebrate your funniest meals and parties with cheerful fruit motifs. Just sitting at the table will whet your appetite. Choose resin tablecloths for added comfort, and at parties, disposable plates and cups to avoid overworking. From Primark.


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