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In the next issue: June

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Bright environments

The houses that you will discover the next issue have a careful and personal interior design, have an optimal distribution and have different color ranges. And yet, they all propagate natural light and open to the outside. What motivated their owners to decorate them like this? We explain your reasons and detail the most inspiring deco keys that are easy to put into practice.

Marine decoration

Recreate the freshness of a beach house with the must have of the new navy style. Natural materials and textures, nautical motifs, simple lines and trend blue are some of its keys.

My kitchen: ideas for outdoor tables, recipes and utensils.

My bathroom: How to get a space with an impeccable image.

Also in Guide you will refresh yourself with a selection of pools with a well-decorated environment and you will catch up on news from the plant world


The supplement + Practice which accompanies the June issue invites you to enjoy the good weather. How? Living unforgettable moments with a family plan, a celebration with friends and lots of happy deco. Do not miss it!

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