Tips and ideas to surround yourself with green this summer

Tips and ideas to surround yourself with green this summer

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Own harvest


According Leroy Merlin, you only need three keys to have your own garden at home: a space with light, which receives about 4 hours of direct sun; water by hand and choose the appropriate containers and containers.

An orchard of 3 m2 It can meet the needs of a family of four.

To grow your vegetables, you can use the pots you use for plants, a raffia bag with handles, tables with legs or growing boxes. As simple as that!

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An ecological and sustainable arrangement

This arrangement is from Succulent Design, 115 €.

The succulent or crass they are plants that store water in their leaves, stems and roots. Very easy to maintain, they are perfect for making outdoor decoration arrangements.
And they last for years!

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On vacation: irrigation ready

One of the great concerns of plant lovers is how to water them in their absence. One of the most efficient systems that exists is the drip, like this set of terrace and balcony with extension for 5 pots, of Gardena

Irrigation system City Gardening Gardena 107,45 € Buy it here Related content Keep your plants alive in summer

Green walls

One of the fastest and easiest ways to renew your home decoration is the painted paper.

Model Fernery, from The Glasshouse collection, by Sanderson in Gancedo

With this print of leaves you will create a natural space that you will not want to leave.

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