The gerbera: symbol of joy and beauty

The gerbera: symbol of joy and beauty

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It is an ornamental plant belonging to the family Asteraceae, from southern Africa. It comprises 150 species, of perennial origin, which differ in size, shape and color. At first glance they are simple and delicate plants. Its flowers are composed of five petals placed dorsally.

Gerbera care

They must be in ventilated and humid places, without receiving the light directly from the sun. Put them in a semi-shaded area, where the temperature ranges between 17 and 25 degrees. Remove the withered leaves and flowers so that they receive light and have new buds.

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Chow to grow the gerbera in a pot

They can be in a pot for many years if they take good care of themselves. Mix sand and soil of good quality and take care of ventilation. The risks must be short and moderate and avoid using calcareous waters, as they are harmful to them.

In summer, irrigation should be moderate. If they are going to be in a pot, the bottom should be well drained with clay and gravel.


If you want to make a floral arrangement to decorate, cut them in the morning before the sun is pronounced.

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