Ideas to renovate a small bathroom

Ideas to renovate a small bathroom

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The small bathrooms are the most fun when it comes to renovating. Precisely for that reason, due to its small size, it is necessary to put all the wood in the grill to squeeze it to the maximum. These examples show that everything is possible with a good organization.

Good light for a relaxed space

It is essential for a small bathroom to look just like one that is twice the size. The colors, neutral, soft and natural as the bet in unvarnished wood that avoids reflections and creates a relaxed space and white ceramics. Mirrors also create a feeling of luminosity by multiplying light.

Take advantage of all the gaps

It is key in a mini space. For example, behind the door. You can place the towel rails there as they have done in this idea of ​​Listotic.com.

Vertical storage

It becomes indispensable when the space does not allow to place auxiliary furniture. A good place to do it: above the toilet.

Integral renovation

That idea seen in Smalldesignideas.com is an ideal starting point for a comprehensive renovation. Change the coatings for white ceramic, very fashionable among Scandinavian homes. The space dedicated to the shower, divide it in two leaving less space for the bathroom and creating an extra storage place that will help you in a super practical way to store towels and accessories.

In this idea of ​​Theanamumdiary.co.uk they have opted for the same option but they have changed the bathtub for a shower space. On the other side, the sink. And all this, in the color that expands space visually: white.


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