10 magic desks for the return to the school of the kids

10 magic desks for the return to the school of the kids

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The English Court

If they gave you a choice between a monotonous and boring office, and another that suits your style with a desk to the lastWhich one would you stay with? We have it clear, and the kids of the house too!

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On the one hand, one adjustable desk table. On the other, one chest of drawers with several drawers. Add a chair and you will have your personal office ready!

To buy On Amazon (€ 135.99).

Maxi La redoute

With so many drawers, you can not complain about lack of space!

To buy De La Redoute (€ 74.99).

Ivory Maisons du Monde

The good thing about this deskin addition to its clean and simple design, is that thanks to its color it fits in any style.

To buy From Maisons du Monde (€ 259).

Navy Amazon

The best way to continue holidays at sea even if you are miles from the beach, is with this desk so cute with storage space. We love the combination of blue tones with light wood!

To buy On Amazon.

From the heart Maisons du Monde

East white desk have a decorated heart-shaped grid which gives it the sweetest look.

To buy From Maisons du Monde (€ 160).

Go to school The English Court

East Nordic design desk so pretty includes a storage space where you can store your case and notebooks, and also, It goes to match the sidewalk!

To buy In El Corte Inglés (€ 145).

Pink Amazon

If you got addicted by the pink colour You have to know that it will probably last for life! Y this desk so sweet and feminine It will become your favorite refuge.

To buy On Amazon (€ 143.76).

Long-term IKEA

East desk so cool can be adjusted to three different heights, so if you decide on it, it will last for many years! Until I hit the stretch ...

To buy In IKEA (€ 69).

Traditional Maisons du Monde

You like the style vintage? Well this desk with bench included in red It is ideal to relive the grandparents' school years ... in the most chic!

To buy In Maisons du Monde (€ 159).

Cake Maisons du Monde

East pastels deskl is great for kids and teenagers, and has lots of compartments Perfect for storing all your stuff.

To buy In Maisons du Monde (€ 199).


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