A 70 m2 apartment very well used

A 70 m2 apartment very well used

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Germán Saiz Advertising - Read on below 1 A simple lounge Germán Saiz

The coffee table is a lightweight model of wrought iron and glass, Hanbel. The white blinds are from El Corte Inglés. The three-arm lamp, by Habitat.

2 A corner sofa Germán Saiz

These models are super practical in small spaces because they offer one more seat. This one, from Habitat, was placed on a Moroccan carpet. The cushions, by Gancedo, and the raw blanket, by Zara Home.

3 extendable dining room Germán Saiz

The table has two wings that multiply its capacity and stackable chairs. Everything was acquired in Habitat.

4 Small bookshop in a corner Germán Saiz

Strategically located between the living area and the dining room, it serves as a dividing element between the two spaces. Above it, an original composition of paintings and frames. Everything was purchased at an antique dealer in France.

5 The kitchen opens to the living room Germán Saiz

They are only separated by a bar that is perfect for quick meals or breakfasts. A practical solution that expands the space by prolonging it visually. The furniture is from Ikea; the lining of the bar, by Leroy Merlin.

6 bedroom Germán Saiz

The bed wall, without headboard, was papered with a Leroy Merlin model. A simple table, antiques, and a mirror, Hanbel, give rise to a flirtatious dressing and work area.

7 Bath Germán Saiz

In the gaps on the sides of the entrance door to the bathroom, two Ikea cabinets were installed, with curtains instead of doors.

8 A two-color bathroom Germán Saiz

Except for the shower area, the walls were covered with tiles up to medium height, in Peña Tiles. Under sink, in Leroy Merlin. Baskets and shelving; Ikea To win a space to leave boats, brushes and other utensils a shelf was fixed on the lower edge of the mirror, acquired in Ikea.