10 ideas to decorate your house with beach style

10 ideas to decorate your house with beach style

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Oh, the summer ... It's hot weather, ice cream and ... baths on the beach! But if you are not lucky enough to live near the sea or you still have a bit to enjoy the holidays, do not get overwhelmed! With these DIY tricks you will give a very beachy and relaxing atmosphere to your home. You will only need an inflatable pool (or the bathtub itself), and problem solved!

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Practice or not the sport more fresh, a surfboard placed on the wall will give an irresistibly beachy touch to your little house.

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Ingenious Details

Choose a glass vases in green and blue colors, and decorate them with pebbles and shells from the beach, you will see what a great centerpiece you get!

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In the classroom

If you use the same color as in the previous photo to paint the ceiling of the room and combine it with white, you will gain a lot of luminosity and sweetness, but you will also create a very beachy atmosphere!

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To work!

Mix white and turquoise tones, and add some deco detail like a starfish to get a relaxing work environment.

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I ride a horse

Do you remember that insufferable TV ad that said that of: a paloooooooo? Well if you want to build a seahorse like this, you will have to look for a lot of sticks, and patience!

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Lights network

With this net you will not fish, but you will illuminate your house in a way chic!

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Popeye the Sailor Man

To turn your hall into Popeye's dream you won't need spinach, you just have to use these hangers in the form of anchors.

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Very fresh

Paint the walls of the bathroom in a pastel water green tone and use a natural rope as a towel rail, the effect beachy It will be immediate!

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Arrive with energy

A wooden bench in a rustic style, a wicker basket, cushions with palm prints, a plant and several photos of the sea on the wall. That's it, you just got the ticket more beachy from your neighborhood.

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The power of the frames

Choose beautiful seashells and frame them to your liking, but remember that the more varied the mosaic, the cooler it will be!

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