A fully renovated kitchen for less than € 600

A fully renovated kitchen for less than € 600

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We all know how easy it is to renovate a room when you have a comfortable budget, but the hostess has shown us that she has not needed much time or a large sum of money to create a new kitchen.

This transformation has astonished us, and all thanks to a few, simple and rapid changes, made by the owner herself, Wendy Gimour, and her father-in-law during the course of 30 hours, according to her Thankfifi blog. And here is the best part: the whole project cost just over € 500.

Before, the kitchen had old tiles and dark furniture that made the kitchen look even smaller than it was. It turns out that he didn't need more than a little paint and some colorful vinyl to transform completely.

After painting the kitchen furniture in a light shade, with white chalk paint, Wendy covered the tiles with decorative and economical vinyl. The new walls (of Beija Flor World) automatically created another environment.

Finally, Wendy and her father-in-law added the final touch to the new kitchen: a completely renovated kitchen island. Instead of throwing away the old island and replacing it, they covered the existing one with a layer of cement to give it a more neutral and modern look, with a striking texture. Now, the room looks like a completely new kitchen.

See the rest of the renovation in Thankfifi.

Via: Country Living US


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