A duplex penthouse overlooking the rooftops of Madrid

A duplex penthouse overlooking the rooftops of Madrid

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Miriam Yeleq

One of the privileges of this house is that it has an excellent location: a fourth floor of a building in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, which will surely house a
hundred stories inside. The property dates from around 1935 and presented many shortcomings, due to the age of the building and the deterioration of the structure.


Miriam Yeleq

The height of the ceilings has allowed to locate the bedroom in an open attic. Below, the living room, with a coffee table and sofa, by Gajisa. On this one, Ikea and Very Much cushions. Of this last signature also the baskets-planters and the ornament beetle. An original Leroy Merlin wall light illuminates the loft and being at the bottom.

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The duplex, after the works, conveys a feeling of home. Two decorative styles are intertwined in the same design. On the one hand, a current rustic, reflected in the use of hydraulic tiles, subway tiles and natural wood furniture ... And, on the other, an eclectic style with notes retro that personalize it and add a chic air: an example is the closet doors, which highlight beautiful aged glass.


The joy and vitality that the rooms breathe is another feature to highlight. This is the case in all environments, but especially in the bedrooms, where fabrics and finishes have been combined to achieve spaces with sparkle. The heads of
Own design and velvet upholstery and wallpaper with floral patterns, lamps and sconces: all the details evoke a delicious aesthetic vintage. And as icing, the rooftop terrace, which gives some
Unstoppable views of the nerve center of Madrid. Almost nothing!

Miriam Yeleq

What a panoramic terrace offers! To make this space cozy, it has been covered with a teak floor and furnished with an Ikea table and metal Rastro chairs. The macramé cushion, the cups and baskets are very much.

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DINING ROOM Miriam Yeleq

The dining room has been equipped with a table and two models of chairs - some industrial style and the others classic - that are wonderful. Everything was acquired at Maisons du Monde, Gajisa and Singular Market. The vases and the iron ball, in Ikea, and the carpet, in Zara Home. A modern Leroy Merlin lamp illuminates the whole set.

Fiber rugs and wooden seats temper a decoration in white tones.


KITCHEN Miriam Yeleq

The duplex kitchen is very functional. It combines contemporary aesthetics - furniture and appliances - with elements retror, such as the wooden roof and the subway-type tiles of the dashboard.


Miriam Yeleq

The color of the wood and its brightness stand out on the very white background of the walls. Curved vault ceilings provide a sense of depth. At the end of the hall, one of the bedrooms in the house has a balcony that faces the street.

The elements house originals revalue the interiors.


BEDROOM Miriam Yeleq

In the bedroom, wallpaper with a Marantik model spring. A velvet headboard, designed by Ana Negrete, rests on the wall. The closet, tailored, has mirrored doors, which reflect the light and expand the space. Cushions and blankets, from Ikea, and bedside table, from Zara Home. The wall lamp is inspired by the 50s. It was bought at Singular Market.


BATH Miriam Yeleq

In the bathroom, ceramic tiles are protagonists. Smooth and bright rectangular pieces on the walls and hydraulic floor tiles have been chosen. You can buy them at Azulejos Peña.

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The duplex is used to the millimeter, and also a roof terrace has been mounted. The master bedroom was installed in a mezzanine of the house and looks out into the living room. It is protected by a glass railing. As it is an open space, it receives a lot of light.

DRAWINGS Infographic

The Alterhome company, dedicated to tourist rentals and long stays, planned a comprehensive rehabilitation of the property. The director of architecture and interior design, Ana Negrete, wanted to make the attic maintain the same essence, so, together with the rest of the team of this department of Alterhome, she carried out a performance whose objective was to achieve a unique and differentiated style, that conveyed warmth and modernity.

In the first place, the recovery of all the original structural elements that were possible was prioritized: the beautiful wooden beams on walls and ceilings, the old carpentry and smoked windows. Likewise, the existing "messy architecture" was used to give more value to housing and to mix trend and tradition.