10 marble bathrooms that will leave you ... stone!

10 marble bathrooms that will leave you ... stone!

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Marble is one of those materials that never goes out of style, and it brings an elegance like no other! This is demonstrated by these bathrooms that give a twist to the trend more classic.

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We have seen bathrooms with tiles of all kinds, but those of marble ... they take the palm! And how good they are with copper sconces, what?

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Art deco

A style as glamorous as the art deco I could not do without a material as elegant as marble ...

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More tiles

Another bathroom with marble tiles where the industrial air gives it a look of the most modern, and irresistible!

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Have you ever noticed how beautiful the marble and wood are? The perfect combination to get a very natural bath!

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There is nothing sweeter and more feminine than mixing marble with pink tones!

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The king Sun

When the marble and the golden sconces come together, the result is this luxury bathroom that seems taken from the glorious twenties.

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The marble of this bathroom looks like a work of art! We love the combination of the Nordic and minimalist style with the matt black sconces (which will be a trend in 2019).

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What are we going to do if the bathrooms with pink tones pyrrhen… And if they have marble on top, why ask for more?

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Natural light is the best ally of marble bathrooms, as they enhance the sensation of cleanliness to unsuspected limits. And if you add golden details, you will win a magazine style!

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Why complicate yourself when you can have a nice bathroom using marble on the floor and walls? A trick: combine it with tiles of different motifs to give it vidilla.

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