Marble is still a trend. Discover its power of attraction

Marble is still a trend. Discover its power of attraction

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New look. Yes, marble is an eternal material in architecture and interior design. On walls, floors and countertops, the years go by and continues to maintain its elegance. What's new? That their applications in decoration have multiplied. The new designs - for the whole house - have their aesthetic strength and variety of shades to shape multiple objects and decorative details, which are easy to combine with different styles. You will see it on trays, candlesticks, flower pots, clocks, lamps, tables ... And also on wallpapers, cushions and bedding.

Marble beyond white ... The color of each stone has a different effect on the decoration. Whites provide luminosity, but there are other options of great beauty to consider, such as the black Marquina or the exotic marbles black Portoro and Guatemala green.

Safe bet: The white Marbles type Macael, Carrara, Calacatta and the Statuary bring light and style to the environments decorated with light, patinated and washed wood. Marble in the right dose, without excesses, allies with all of them without saturating or becoming presumptuous.

Plus style: Marble furniture enriches any environment, but can have a greater impact on the decoration if you place a props chic, like the green and white bouquet in this picture. Other options: glass pieces, a box or a watch vintage, a figure, a lamp ...

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Marble walls?

Raise the decorative level of any environment with a marbled background. Papers arrive with designs that faithfully draw the characteristics of this stone - so used in palaces and stately homes - to give a majestic touch to the decoration. Spectacular, the Crema model, by MuralsWallpaper, tailored (from € 37.20 / m2). You will find more designs and colors on their website.

2 marble table

Without fear, marble furniture looks, admires and touches! They were designed to decorate and be part of your day to day. They are not museum pieces. So if you get a coffee table or auxiliary table, enjoy watching it, but also use it as a support surface at all hours, including the snack. With this cup of insects and this golden dragonfly, marble attracts all eyes.

Take note: the strokes in gold and black in contrast are infallible.

Interior design, by Nordic Standard.


Marble has many faces, which are defined by color, grain and cut of the stone. In this room it is key to accentuate the retro air of the decoration with curved edges. One more proof of the versatility of this stone, suitable for all styles, from the most stately to the most contemporary, even the Nordic. Table Dalidor (€ 399), candle holder Fitia (from € 14.99 each) and sofa Sweetie (€ 619), from La Redoute Interieurs.

4 Marble and gold assistant

Symbol of luxury and elegance, the marble that crowns this side table, makes it a more sophisticated piece. Brilliant, this proposal with a current design in white and gold, which gains presence with the sparkles of the crystal and the golden details. Table Eve, in 60 x 40 cm (€ 259), tray, 25 cm in diameter (€ 43) and cups (€ 10.50 and € 13.50), from Bloomingville.

5 Timeless furniture CAROLYN BARBER

If you want your home to acquire a more glamorous air, get a marble furniture vintage. Find a suitable place for these deco jewels, coveted by its handmade invoice and natural wear. In this proposal, the semicircular console with marble top is enhanced with the stone background of the wallpaper, with a dynamic print of subtle chromatic contrasts, which arouses maximum visual interest. Paper Delahaye, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera (€ 107 / roll).

6 False Marble

If marble triumphs in today's interior design, it is because there are materials such as glass and stoneware that are able to imitate it and multiply its decorative options. They manage to draw their same natural veins, reach their finesse and elegance, and shape charming designs and details, such as this lamp, from Bloomingville, in artisanal glass and with a golden base; in 45 cm height (€ 269).


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