This Granada house appears in the new season of 'Black Mirror'

This Granada house appears in the new season of 'Black Mirror'

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Gonzalo Botet

If science fiction and dystopian futures are your thing, we won't need to talk to you about Black mirror, because surely you have religiously watched each of his five seasons, including the interactive movie Bandersnatch.

Created by Charlie Brooker and aired on the popular Netflix platform, the iconic series has chosen as the setting for the second episode of its last season, The desert house.

Located in the desert of Gorafe, Granada, housing is shown as the ideal place to escape the virtual world and alleviate addictions to social networks.

Guardian Glass

The chapter, called Smithereens, was filmed last summer for two full days, and is starring Topher Grace, famous for appearing in Spider man 3.

Guardian Glass Guardian Glass

The desert house It is a pioneer project of Guardian Glass. With its cutting-edge design, the company seeks to demonstrate how choosing the right glass can be inhabited even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Gonzalo Botet

Window glass can greatly help thermal and acoustic insulation, protect us from UV rays, as well as improve security against theft or intrusion.

Gonzalo Botet

At the architectural level, The desert house It stands on a wooden structure surrounded perimeter by the glass envelope Guardian Glass, and inside are distributed bedroom, bathroom and living area with kitchen.

A sufficient space that looks directly at the landscape and also has a water filtration system, another energy production system, and a set of photovoltaic solar panels.

Guardian Glass Guardian Glass

The design, the result of the joint work of an extensive and experienced team of architects - led by Spela Videcnik of OFIS Architecture -, together with Guardian Glass glass specialists and engineers and energy consultants from Akt II and Transsolar, responds to the current challenges and future of the architecture and construction sector.

In this way, environmentally friendly and energy efficient structures are enhanced. Something in which, also, the glass type with which any space is framed directly intervenes.

- Location: Gorafe, Granada
- Surface: 20 m2
Distribution: Bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen
- Surface of photovoltaic panels: 26 m2- Energy storage capacity: 18.2 kWh
- Temperatures approx. maximum and minimum expected inside: 18ºC - 28ºC
- Outside temperature range: summers max. 45ºC Winters min. -10ºC

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