Would you live in a tree house?

Would you live in a tree house?

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Forget about mansions or chic penthouses in the city, this tree house located in Atlanta, Giorgia, is triumphing in AirBnb.

According to Today Show, it has become the most desired home, with about 300,000 visits per month and 147,052 people who have added it to their wish list.

Owned by Peter Bahouth, the house is defined as a space that "provides an intimate, simple and relaxing refuge", and as one of the most "romantic and unique places you will be."

But living with nature has a price, specifically, € 334 (approx.) Per night. Of course, booking is a complicated task, and except for one specific night, it will be impossible to stay several days until May 2018. Do not give up ... the wait is worth it!

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