How should you prepare a room to rent

How should you prepare a room to rent

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Your offspring has grown and set course for the university leaving the nest empty ?; have you moved to a new house and don't know what to do with that extra room ?; Do you need extra income and do not mind sharing a flat ?; Do you feel like trying your luck on Airbnb?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, The following tips on how to prepare a room for rent will come to you from the cinema.

And is that today, more and more people who, either for work, for studies, or for vacations, are looking for rooms to rent, either temporarily or permanently. So ... there we go!

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You never know how the tenant will occupy the room, and that means that your aesthetic tastes can be as varied. For this reason, the ideal is that you focus on a neutral but cozy aesthetic.

That is, natural fabrics such as linen, wooden furniture, fiber lamps such as bamboo or jute ... In this way, it will be the tenant himself who adds his personal touch, and the room will be much more attractive to the naked eye for all public

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Renting a room means that the space to store your things will be significantly reduced to this area of ​​the house. Therefore, it is essential that you squeeze every corner of storage available to the fullest, for example, with a bed with a couch, or by adding several shelves on the walls.


You'll know, but light tones such as white, not only enhance the brightness of the environments, they also double the visual space. On the other hand, giving a coat of paint to the walls will renew the look of the room, giving it a much more fresh and careful look. The first impression is what counts!

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As we mentioned in the first point, It will be the tenant who is responsible for providing his personal touch to the decoration of the room, not you. And it is proven that thematic or too personal rooms manage to reach a much smaller audience than if the space is more neutral.


Last but not least, you will have to take several photos to the room to upload the rental ad to the internet.

For this it is essential that you ally yourself with a tripod, since in this way the images will not be blurred; that you take the images taking advantage of natural light; and also portray the details closely.

Thus, the possible tenant can ensure the condition of the furniture, and have a broader perspective of what would be his room.

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