We recreate the decoration of Love Actually

We recreate the decoration of Love Actually

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We saw her for the first time in 2003 and, although she has never missed her Annual appointment with Christmas, every year he keeps making us smile with a bobalic expression. Written and directed by Richard Curtis, his crossed stories woven around different types of love marked a before and after in romantic comedies. A delicious script, a squad of front-line actors - with Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson and Keira Kinghtley among others- and a soundtrack that achieved success in the USA form an infallible combination. Through the peculiarities of nine couples, Love actually It leads us to that romantic conclusion that love is everywhere. And whether true or not, how we like to be told!

Advertising - Keep reading under British Prime Minister

Jovial and shy, we love it when he celebrates with a dance his political victory over the perfidious American president who has tried to overwhelm his future girl. A hardwood sideboard and the lamp with the pleated lampshade are the pieces that decorate that office in which he thinks so much of her. The tip that makes us fall in love with Hugh: that in this movie I appreciate splendid curves.
Sideboard and lamp, by Laura Ashley.

The boyfriend's best friend ... who loves the bride

The scene is unforgettable: he knocks on the door of his best friend, puts carols in an old cassette and, through different posters, confesses to the brand new wife who, in reality, she and only she is the forbidden woman of his life. This poster of Mr Wonderful will allow you to reproduce the moment.

The couple that works in the publishing house

For years, the entire editorial knew that she was in love with the young designer. And, when at last, the company's Christmas dinner - we all know what these things give of them - unites them in a first dance with continuity on the girl's floor, the inopportune call of the brother in the asylum throws to the ground the happy ending. And this story tells us about brotherly love ... pity!
A flexo, like this one by Maisons du Monde, reminds us that sometimes love flies over at work.

The English I wanted to flirt in America

His phrase: "I am Collin, god of sex, only that I am on the wrong continent," was a declaration of intent. The bulging-eyed redhead that no girl looked at in England, upon arriving in the United States becomes a cute one with a sweeping success ... multiple. Four girls and a very small bed show that the courage has its reward. This duvet cover with print british It is our tribute to Collin. You will find it in Conforama.

The old rocker with surprise

Intimate friend of alcohol and drugs, the old rocker who is reborn from oblivion with a lousy version of a Christmas carol, once again occupies first place in the lists of top music. But what touches me most is his own discovery: it turns out that the true love of this inveterate womanizer was a man, his representative.
This zebra print armchair, by Maisons du Monde, evokes the animal prints of the rocker's picturesque styles.

Marriage stalked by infidelity

As soon as the spectator sees the secretary hint at his boss, while his devoted wife fights with the children so that everything goes well at home, he feels an unstoppable hatred towards that irritating flirt. Because yes, she will be beautiful and great, but she will never reach the sole of the shoes of the magnificent Emma Thompson. The harrowing scene: when she takes refuge in the bedroom so that no one sees how she cries to discover the irrefutable proof of her husband's infidelity. Ikea's bed.

The boy who fell in love with his partner

And is not for less. When we attended the song that Joanna sings at the school festival - the girl for whom the child drinks the winds - we all understand that he was crazy about her. The great idea: since she sings, learn to play the drums to accompany her on stage. And while rehearsing and rehearsing, on the blackboard hanging on the door of his bedroom he warns his stepfather -adorable, by the way- of his moods. "I said I'm not hungry", "The rhythm is my life" ...
Slate with frame, by Rivièra Maison.

The writer and the Portuguese

Devastated by the infidelity of his girlfriend with his own brother !, the writer goes to the countryside in search of calm and tranquility to write his novel. Of course, a discreet Portuguese girl bursts in to clean the house and, in passing, steal her heart. How to forget the writer's trip to Portugal and his declaration of love to dozens of people and his future political family in a simple restaurant, decorated with chairs that could well be this one, by Maisons du Monde.

Porn actors

The best in this story: the contrast between the peculiar rehearsals of the actors for a porn movie, and the shyness that prevents them from making an appointment outside the cameras. In a stage with baroque furniture in golden finish, the innocence of love manages to prevail over sex.
Console, from