How to set up a beautiful table for two ... You decide what to celebrate

How to set up a beautiful table for two ... You decide what to celebrate

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Nuria Serrano

We are celebrating this month: meets 300 numbers at the kiosk and 25 years of life! and we have celebrated with a toast, but you can choose what you are going to celebrate and with whom. Here we propose a beautiful table for two and a selection of pieces to copy the style.

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When setting the table, keep in mind that the wine glass, lower, is located to the right of the water glass so as not to obstruct the path of the right hand towards it.

Ofelia Home Decor: tableware with insect motifs (€ 3.72 each); covered with wooden handle (€ 20.66 / 5 pieces); glasses of wine (€ 4.55 each) and water (€ 5.74 each); dishes with the green edge (€ 5.70 each); bowls next to the cups (€ 2.40 each); Almanzora napkin set (€ 31.40 / 4); individual (€ 4.88 each) and table runner, in 150 x 50 cm (€ 20.66).

Deco & Living: porcelain trays (€ 9.35 each); plate with coral edge (€ 9.35); Hydrangea (€ 11.20) and artificial eucalyptus (€ 7.19). Soil, by Leroy Merlin. The ivy is from Los Peñotes.

3 Centerpiece

Ideal, this centerpiece with suspended vases.

To buy 14,70 €

It's about the model Doolland and has measures of 22 x 14 cm. You have it on

4 Stoneware plate

Striped, perfect for black and white dishes.

To buy 3 €

Low-rise stoneware plate with a flying design, from Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

5 glasses for two

With best wishes for the toast.

To buy 13,31 €

Wine glasses without foot, with phyllo and calligraphy in gold from Creative Tops on

6 Cutlery

Put a personal touch with an elegant combination of black and steel in the cutlery.

To buy € 6/12 pieces

Game Ostron, from Ikea.

7 Porcelain Jug

Its irregular finish indicates that it is a special occasion.

To buy

Glazed porcelain jug, hand carved. In Deco & Living (€ 58.80).

8 Placemats

The bronze finish is sophisticated.

To buy € 16.99 / set of 4

Individuals, from Topfinel. They are sold on

9 Retro crockery!

Buy From € 3.72 each

Enameled dishes Motor, Ofelia Home Decor.

10 stylish cloths

A resounding yes to the originality of printed textiles.

Buy € 6.95 / 3

Tea towels Helios, from La Mallorquina.

11 To file or cut?

Versatile pieces are always a plus in decoration.

To buy 149 €

Mango table, from Bloomingville.