This machine will make your cat slim those kilos left over

This machine will make your cat slim those kilos left over

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The little cat

We do not pretend that your cat competes with the body of the Kardashian, only that it stays healthy and happy. But as already we know how complicated it is to find motivation to exercise, we have been investigating until we find the machine that will solve all your weight problems.

Look how the mine trap works ... 😂

Is about The little cat, a smart specific treadmill for cats, designed by the Korean company Pet Ping. The trick to keep your friend focused? An LED lamp that follows the movement of the wheel, and that, obviously, will fight to reach satiety.

Pet ding

Further, You can choose between two training plans: manual or automatic; Y record voice memos To cheer up your pet when you're not home.

Pet ding

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