Attention: The latest trend on Instagram has dangers

Attention: The latest trend on Instagram has dangers

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How ridiculous we don't do for love of Instagram ... like standing in a chair in the middle of a restaurant to take a picture of dinner. But the latest trend is even dangerous and nobody should do it. Place burning candles on beds and sofas.

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--- I have been kinda slump-ish recently and haven't been reading so much… I've been wanting to read but I haven't been feeling any of the books I've started🙈 - How's your reading going? - #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #bookish #roses #openbook #igbooks #igreads #candles #books

A post shared by Laura • xvii • 🇫🇮 (@laurreads) on Mar 23, 2017 at 12:27 am PDT

Clarification: People are placing candles on flammable surfaces.

The effect is lovely ... until it ceases to be. For the sake of your houses, please stop doing this before a selfie becomes hell.

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Magical magical 💓🌸 @magicalhortensia_norway 🌸🌸 Friske, crispy og knallfine hortensiaer som skal vare 150 dager ved rett pleie✔️ Selges hos @plantasjen ✔️ løp og kjøp😍🙌🌸💓 Endelig skal jeg få meg in god natts søv😂 i tr egen egen jeg trenger det😜 Trodde det var torsdag i dag jeg🙄🤣 hi hi æ le😂😂😂 Døgnvill✔️🤣 #magical #magicalhortensia #bedroom #bedroominspo #myhome #inspiration / ad

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Am I the only one who's already making a list of books to read during summer holiday 😂? I'm going to Malta in the summer and for me being on vacation is the perfect time to read! Sitting by the pool… sipping from a milkshake 🍨📚. #TheNameOfTheWind and Crooked Kingdom are definitely on that list. What's on yours? • Finished Piper Perish today and it was enjoyable but not memorable, so 🌟🌟🌟 stars! Now I'm going to start buddy-reading Norse Mythology with Georgia @ the.bibliofiles 💕

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For your next Instagram, before becoming a selfie Read these safety tips with candles.

Via: House Beautiful US


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