A hanging bookcase

A hanging bookcase

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How to make this beautiful hanging shelf for the garden.

Well tied

To prevent the first knot from fraying, glue around bodybuilding tape. On the rope make a knot on each side and at the same distance, it will serve as a stop to the shelves and keep them straight. Carpet, garlands of little wood, cans, armchair and magazine rack, from Los Peñotes.


- A 120 x 60 cm plywood board and
15 mm thick

- Rope.

- Varnish.

- Jigsaw and drill.

- Two pots of zinc and one of plastic (these are from Ikea).

- Sandpaper, brush and scissors.

- Compass, pencil and ruler.

- Masking tape.

- Glue gun.


Everything, from Leroy Merlin.

Step 1: Prepare the shelves

Divide the board into 4 pieces of 30 x 60 cm, cut them with the saw and make a hole 4 cm from the edges. Pass the rope through the gaps and make a knot under each shelf.

Step 2: Draw the circle

Place the plastic pot upside down on one of the shelves and pencil its outline. Draw a circle a smaller centimeter with the compass to prevent the pot from straining. Make a hole to introduce the saw and cut it.

Step 3: Sand the shelf well

To remove splinters, clean with a damp cloth, dry and varnish the shelves. In one of them, screw the zinc planters. Place a strip of bodybuilder tape in the center of each one so that they do not move.

Step 4: Place and paste

Paste the pots inside the planters with hot silicone or glue so that they do not fall out. Our idea is that these are face down, at the bottom of the shelf. Finally, assemble the shelf and hang it wherever you want.


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