A wooden drawer converted into a shelf

A wooden drawer converted into a shelf

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Photos courtesy of Bruguer.

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For this DIY you need: a wooden drawer that you want to reuse, a ribbon, acrylic enamels, a brush, a roller, a bucket and bodybuilding tape.

Preparing the terrain

The first step is to sand the drawer to remove the varnish or paint you might have and remove the imperfections.

First color

Choose one of the colors and paint the interior. Use a brush to reach the corners well and a roller for the rest.

Second color

Once dry, paint the outside with a roller. Protect the internal part already painted with bodybuilder tape.

Cut the ribbon the same width as the inner part, paint it with the same color as the outside and screw it at a distance of 15 cm from the bottom face.

To hang

Place two eyebolts on the back so you can put it on the wall.


You just have to hang it on the wall and put your favorite books and magazines.